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When your apartment is due for a renovation, you want to know that the job is done perfectly. Installing tiles will need a careful hand and creating your kitchen cabinets might also take a lot of work. When you are working on your home design, there are quite a lot of details that must be considered – and in most cases, this can only be done by hiring experts that have the experience necessary to do so.

Experienced Design Build Team and Craftsmen

At Richmond Design Build, we provide high-quality designs at a cost that is available for anyone – making sure that the construction schedule is appropriate for every client. Our build team has great experience in renovating apartments in Brooklyn and Manhattan, but we also work in home designs in the mentioned areas.

Communication with our clients is our priority, as every detail is important when it comes to design build. For this reason, every worker in this domain must keep an open line of communication for any wishes that the client may have.

Showroom for Custom Designs

Each home should be unique, which is why our showroom allows you to custom-design any home renovation. This way, you can be sure that every product necessary for your renovation will be unique and fitting for your living quarters.

Not only do we have a natural yard, but we also have fabrication shop installers and skilled craftsmen working on the items. As a client, you are entitled to see the products that have been crafted for you – and once you give the seal of approval, the builders may begin with the work. No matter if you are planning to renovate your bathroom, your kitchen, or your living room, our builders can certainly help you create the perfect design.

High-Quality Materials

A wonderful, stunning idea will not last long unless you work with high-quality products. This is why, at Richmond Design Build, we are working with durable materials, to ensure that your new design will stand strong. We also use a variety of design tools to make sure that everything has been designed to a tee.

We put together 3 companies,,, as well as to ensure that all your design needs are met. Designing your home is a long-term investment – so, you have to make sure that you only work with qualified design builders.